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Rates & Conditions

All rates are based on up to 4 adults & 1 vehicle per site unless stated otherwise; 1 unit per site.

All of our sites have firepits & picnic tables.

No tents are permitted on any sites in the campground.

High Season: May Long Weekend; Friday, June 7, 2019 through to & including Sunday, September 22, 2019

Full Hook-Up: $50.00 + GST 5%

Superior Full Hook-Up (sites 13 to 37)$55.00 + GST 5% 

Premium Full Hook-Up (sites 39-42, 101 to 112, 201-211): $65.00 + GST 5%

Power and Water: $47.00 + GST 5%

We no longer have any tenting sites or unserviced RV sites.

Cancellation Policy: Seven days’ notice to avoid a late cancellation fee of one night’s charge, per cancelled site. We take a credit card guarantee at the time of booking for this purpose.  It has nothing to do with whether or not we are able to rent the site.  We don’t charge for reservations: the late fee is to put some of the cost of making and then cancelling reservations onto the people who don’t show up, rather than leaving all the burden on those who do camp with us.

Low Season: Opening day through to & including  Thursday, June 6, 2019 (excluding May 17, 18 & 19); Monday, September 23, 2019 through to closing day.

Full Hook-Up: $48.00 + GST 5%

Superior Full Hook-Up (sites 13 to 37)$53.00 + GST 5%

Premium Full Hook-Up (sites 101 to 112): $63.00 + GST 5%

Power and Water: $45.00 + GST 5%


Power & Water: 15 or 30 Amp electricity, water, firepit, table, cable TV, wireless internet.

Full Hook-Up: 15, 30 Amp electricity, water, sewer, firepit, table, concrete patio, cable TV, wireless internet. (Sites 55 through 67 also have 50 Amp power.)

Superior Full Hook-Up: 15, 30 or 50 Amp electricity, water, sewer, firepit, table, concrete patio, cable TV, wireless internet, maximum unit 45′

Premium Full Hook Up: 15, 30 or 50 Amp electricity, water, sewer, firepit, table, concrete patio, cable TV, wireless internet, maximum unit 45′, parking for 2 passenger vehicles.

Electric cars, scooters, etc. for kids.  We understand that these are a ton of fun and that our quiet paved roads are really appealing for them.  But they are no fun at all to listen to all day long.  By all means bring bicycles, tricycles and other quiet toys.  Please leave the electric ones at home.

Boats in the campground overwhelmed us. We can no longer accommodate them in the campground. The boats, with the trucks needed to pull them, are as big as many RV’s, and we’re being asked to squeeze them in between sites. It’s just not fair to the adjacent campers. Please investigate the Real Storage facility on the highway near Windermere for future stays. They offer secure lighted storage for $4 per night. Pete’s Marina in Invermere also has some storage options.

Please note also that some of our servicing has changed. We now have 15/30/50 Amp full services in sites 55-67, with cable TV. Sites 51,52, 53, 54, 68, 69 have been eliminated.   As noted above, we no longer have any tent sites or unserviced RV sites.

*Cable TV: Included in rate, where available.
Firewood is available at $8.00 per bundle.
No Doubling Up (i.e. The limit is one vehicle, one unit per site.).

NOTE: All sewer hook-ups require the rigid connector from your hose to our receptacles. We will stock them for sale to those campers who don’t have their own.

Seasonal Rates

There are also a few seasonal sites available in the owners’ end of the park which come with access to their swimming pool – something we can’t offer in the overnight end.  Please contact Gerry at  for information regarding the sites.

We continue to offer some longer term rentals. There will be a minimum one consecutive month stay, and a 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure one, with the balance due on arrival.

If you are interested in one consecutive month or more, but not the full season, please call during the period Feb. 6 through Feb. 12, 2019.

Our regular bookings begin March 1 at 8:00 AM Mountain Time each year. Reservations by e-mail from our web-site begin March 15 each year.

2019 Full Hook-Up Monthly Rates (Excludes Premium & Superior Sites):

(Includes Cable TV & Wireless internet)

April $375 (+GST)
May $800 (+GST)
June $1,135 (+GST)
July $1,550 (+GST)
August $1,550 (+GST)
September $1,135 (+GST)
October $375 (+GST)

FULL SEASON 2019:    $5,712 (+GST 5%) 

Please note our Premium & Superior Sites do not qualify for a discounted rate for seasonal bookings.

They are only available for the posted rate of $55.00 + GST per night for Superior Sites & $65.00 + GST per night for Premium Sites.

April 15 through Thanksgiving weekend. (Cable TV and Wireless Internet included)

$5,712 (+ GST 5%) (Includes Full Hook-Up, Cable TV, Wireless Internet)

$325 (+ GST 5%) Storage – Thanksgiving to April 15, but with no vehicle access for trailer removal)

Reservation Request


  • Please DRIVE SLOWLY. We mean very slowly – 15 km. There are children playing.
  • We do not DOUBLE UP on our sites. You are allowed ONE unit/ONE vehicle/site. This is to preserve the space between sites and maintain an uncrowded park.
  • PETS must be QUIET, LEASHED & CLEANED UP AFTER. Please be careful to clean up after your pets both on your site and during walks around the campground. Please do not leave your pets at your site when you go out: they often howl until you return!
  • NO FIREWOOD GATHERING IS PERMITTED. There is split, dry firewood for sale at the front office.
  • GARBAGE MUST GO INTO THE CONTAINERS. The fire pits are for firewood only, not trash.
  • WE RECYCLE! Beverage containers can be recycled in the BLUE bins located at each garbage canister.

Canyon RV

We appreciate your co-operation. Enjoy your stay.

Our Location

Box 279, 5012 Sinclair Creek Road
Radium Hot Springs, BC
Canada V0A 1M0

GPS co-ordinates to our office:
50° 37′ 41.63″ North 116° 04′ 05.26″ West

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